Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turning a light on

   I still can remember landing  on a website back in 1996 and seeing the following.
"Duh, it's a website it's always under construction"
This was on a punkrock bands sites.  To understand the statement one has to recall or imagine that back in the early days most of the website designers would post a graphic or text on the sites that stated the site was under construction.     So here was this punk band or their designer just going and stating the obvious.

Websites, socialmedia and your online community are things that should be growing.  Now the order and extent that your nurture them is going to be radically different for each and everyone.  The demands of today are different then those of past or future and being in the NOW is something that requires flexibility.

Sure your the one having to make the decisions on resources based upon this NOW and you are often going to be making them without all the information that you would like to have when doing so. However, so of what you are being told to do NOW is something that everyone needs to stop for a moment and consider.

Right now there there is a forming best practice in the SocialMedia and it seems to amassing into a herd mentality about what those specific skills, objectives, tools and deployment of them of them all because it worked some once.   What we can say is that over and over when interfacing with other consultants, especially those branding themselves as social media experts is that they are locking themselves into systems.

The marginal utility of a consultant or expert is to provide a clients with meaningful advice that is based upon years of practices with the demonstrative wisdoms to help the client integrate what ever it is they have hired said consultant to do.  THUS the moment that someone comes into your office or onlineness and says they have the total solution and know it will work the same for you is the signal that you are waiting for to reach for the keyboard or phone and seek further council.

The end of this story is that what is ahead in under construction and it should be a co-creation experience.


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