Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who produced DC's 2007 Family Emergency Planning Guide for DCHSEMA

Really there is no question, our company won this subcontracted part of Mayor Fentys's overhaul of the District's Emergency Operations Plan EOP in 2007.  

Hastatus, LLC produced the whole guide with corrections and updates  in less then 90 days when the contract called for 6th Months and on budget for DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. 

I am sure any other company making the same claim can produce the contract number and cite in their corporate finances where they receive payment and paid taxes because just claiming on the Intertubes (screen shots & voicemails archived) that your company produced this makes you no different then the guy posting from their basement (in jammies) about being a big deal.

If your a government agency, private business or foundation and you are dong business with a group of consultants or partners and they are not from Hastatus, LLC with claims to have worked on the any emergency planning guides for families or kids in 2007, it is impossible and the truthiness of the company should be questioned.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Irony of it all.

We felt it would be best to start this converstation with our clients, friends and visitors to our Cloud. The world has changed and we here in the US of A need to change with it. What am I talkin about about. The Rise of the Blogs, Yep Blogs have risen and infact if your not on them, linking to them and blogging aways then you are missing the future.

In the Social Media Bible they auorthros point out that even Google has changed the way it ranks a site or information. If there are not blogs about it, there are not links from blogs to it or from it to other blogs then the information is ranked lower.

Thats, right you have the website, the old myspace pages that new shinny facebook page and even that confounded twitter and now we're now saying you have to have a blog.
Yep, Not only does your business,groups or nonprofit have to have a blog. You! if your the director, leader, or owner then you will have to have a personal blog or two. People what to know about the you as well as the company/group/issue. And, if your not ready to embrace this culture of sharing then don't expect anyone to play with your and your socialmedia.

Everyone is ready and they are waiting so why are you.  If you started then here is a great link to high value blogs that are the kinds that you want to have links to and from.  Blog Directories